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CH KijabeWinds Ever So Clever CGN RE CD  - MAIA



Date of BIRTH: August 27, 2013

SIRE:  Westerlea Nothin’ But Blue Sky

DAM:  Kijabewinds Take them by Storm

OWNERS:  Sam Doherty, Rachel Thornton-Hughes & Sharon Janzen


Accomplishments :  Canadian Championship, Rally Excellence, Canine Good Neighbor titles.  Working on Obedience titles and Agility titles.


Health Clearances :

OFA – HIP :  Excellent  THYROID : Normal  CARDIAC :  Normal  DE : Normal/Clear  DM : Normal   CP : Clear/Normal CPS : Clear  JADD : Probable Normal  BUFF : Clear  

OPTIGEN – PRA : Normal/Clear  CEA/CH : Normal/Clear


Maia lives with her family in Campbell River, 30 minutes away from me. A spoiled and happy girl, she  participates in her agility classes with great drive and attitude and lovingly follows her master in her Rally Obedience work.  Posing for her owners and their business “Dog Days Photography” her profile can be spotted on their facebook page and instagram “maia the toller”.  Maia produced her first litter of 5 puppies in July 2016 and will enjoy the next year continuing with her agility competitions and obedience trials.  Next breeding yet to be decided as I like to work with my co-owners and make everyone as happy as possible!



CH KijabeWinds One Step at a Time CGN CD – AERO





Date of Birth: June 19, 2014

Sire: Watermarks’s Red Ryder

Dam:  Ella O’Kijabewinds

Owner:  Sharon Janzen


Health Clearances:

 OFA – DM : Normal  DE : Normal/Clear  CPS : Normal/Clear  CP1 : Clear/Normal  JADD : Probable Normal  BUFF : Clear/Normal

OPTIGEN – PRA : Carrier  CEA : Normal


Aero has accomplished her Championship in the show ring and is enjoying just being able to play in yard and help keep the frog and deer population down.  Agility training started in the fall of 2015.  None of this pocket toller syndrome for her, with solid medium bone, she is sturdy and agile.  Presently she is at 19 inches at the withers,  the top of the charts for female tollers.  Aero whelped a wee litter of two on December 24, 2016 (Merry and Bright) and we will be watching these two eagerly for what she is producing for when we plan our next litter late 2017, early 2018.



CH  KijabeWinds Take them by Storm –   STORM  - Retired from breeding 2015



Date of Birth: July 13, 2007
Sire: Anando Off Center Toller
Dam: Westerlea’s Alderlane April
Owner: Sharon Janzen

Accomplishments: Canadian Championship before age two,
Certified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog,
Successful recreational duck retriever,
Whelped four litters – March 2010; May 2011; August 2013;July 2015

Health Clearances:Hip: OFA DTR-1288G25F-VPI  Thyroid: Normal Normal  CERF: NSD-1203/2009-26 PRA: Carrier  CEA: Clear  CP1: Clear

Storm is first and foremost our family pet. She has been trained in the field as a hunting retriever. Her gentle disposition makes her a favorite at the Senior’s Home where she has visited   for 7 years as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. She proved to be an excellent brood bitch. From her first litter in 2010 we co-own Ch KijabeWinds Take’em Sam WCI, CGN and Ella O’KijabeWinds (Now retired after two litters) Sam has also proven to be an excellent hunting dog starting at the young age of 6 months. From her 2013 litter we co-own KijabeWinds Ever so Clever. From her 2015 litter we co-own Kijabewinds Playing the River- Poker  and  KijabeWinds Dealer’s Choice – Charlee




CH  KijabeWinds Take-em Sam WCI CGN – SAM

Sam and Ducks

Date of Birth: March 24, 2010
Sire: Seastar’s Westerlea Terifox
Dam: KijabeWinds Take them by Storm
Owners: Rick and Judy Janzen, Sharon Janzen

Health Clearances: As in accordance with to the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever code of Ethics.


CERF:  clear

OFA –  HIPS: Fair  JADD:  normal  CP1:  clear/normal CLPS: clear/normal BUFF:clear DE: clear DM: clear

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Canadian Championship – Group 2nd at the 2015 Alberni Valley Dog show.  WCI – Intermediate Working Certificate .  Sam is also active in the Agility ring, both AAC and CKC.

STRUCTURE:  At 21 inches, Sam has bone and strength.  He harkens back to the days of Harbourlights Scotia Boy – a strong big boy, capable of picking up any size of bird.  He has much to offer in a breeding, especially as we try to get some substance back into our breed.

Sam lives with his family in Black Creek, British Columbia. We have entered into a co-ownership agreement in hopes of using Sam as a Stud dog in the future.  His lead man is a hunter and they have been busy training since summer and Sam is showing great apititude in the field. His first successful retrieve was at the young age of 6 months, getting a duck that otherwise would have been lost, making his owner VERY happy. Two days and a serious grooming later, Sam achieved his first three points towards his Canadian Championship at the biggest show in Canada. He took Best of Winners one day and Best Puppy in breed 2 days while his grandfather, Anando Off Center Toller Tyson took Best of Breed those same two days….must be something in the genes! At 8 months he caught onto the hunting and retrieving idea even better and retrieved 4 ducks, including an injured diving bird, as well as a Christmas goose!


CH  KijabeWinds Playing the River – POKER/NEMO


Date of Birth : July 22, 2015

Sire : Redfox Sirius Rogan

Dam : Kijabewinds Take them by Storm

Owners : Aaron Andriash, Amanda Williams & Sharon Janzen


Poker’s new name is NEMO - he is being loved by his owners in Vancouver, keeping their older toller company as we watch him grow and decide what is in his future for breeding and health clearances.  He is guaranteed a happy life of walks and learning a ton of new tricks as his owners keep him busy.