Dogs have been a part of our lives since we were kids.  As hunting became a passion for Glenn he subscribed to the suitable magazines for the field, and from one of these publications read about an interesting little Red Dog from Nova Scotia.  The article made an impact on Glenn’s memory, but it was nearly 15 years later that we thought we were ready for not only a dog, but also a new venture.  Glenn could hunt and Sharon could look into breeding.  It wasn’t until a year after we got April that we realized that Glenn had somewhat lost his energy for hunting due to what we eventually learned was a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  April never did get used officially for hunting, but she did manage to snag her own grouse once or twice on our 100 acre property in Black Creek!  Sharon still proceeded with the breeding program and was mentored by Alison Strang of Westerlea Kennel through the health clearances and breeding process.  All of April’s pups were sold as pets and we only kept her last puppy Storm, for breeding purposes.

The name KijabeWinds?  It actually means Windy Winds!  Kijabe was a village our family visited for 5 weeks in Kenya in 2001 while Sharon’s parents were serving there as missionaries.  The nightly winds were memorable enough, but by naming our kennel after our experience, it just keeps it current. Recently in 2015 our 4th year nursing student daughter returned to Kijabe to work for a few weeks in the hospital there.  Exciting to continue making the name mean something to our family.

We believe in keeping things small.  Currently we just have one dog living with us, Aero (2014).  We wanted to keep our options open and the breedlines progressing so we enter into co-ownerships agreements with forever homes who desire to help us with the showing and training.